I’d Like to Be Your Hero (2/?)

Pairing: Klaine (Brittana and Quick on the peripheral)

Summary: When Kurt reluctantly agreed to join the Avengers Initiative, he wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Blaine Anderson, his idol and possibly first ever crush as a child. But there’s no way Captain America could ever return his feelings. Right? (Also known as: the Avengers with a Glee twist.) (Part 1)

Warning: SUPER SPOILERS FOR THE AVENGERS. Although if you haven’t seen it yet, you probably don’t want to, and probably don’t even want to read this.

A/N: I know that in the movie Loki attacks Germany, but I thought Sao Paulo just fit Santana’s personality better. Artistic license, or some shit. Also, sorry it’s kind of short, I just wanted to get out what I have for now. No set date for the next part though. My apologies.


Kurt got to see Captain America in action in Sao Paulo, where Santana turned up and killed someone via eye socket and then tried to take over, just for kicks.

Captain Anderson was impressive, jumping around and wielding his shield as if he hadn’t been a Capsicle not too long ago. But he was no match for Santana all by himself; she manipulated him, using his chivalrous instinct to not hit a woman to her advantage and taking a cheap shot when he tried talking it out.

Kurt had no such qualms about hitting women.

He managed to swoop in a save the day (with no thanks necessary, apparently) and as they watched a cuffed Santana be dragged onto the plane by Black Widow—better known to Kurt as Quinn Fabray, lying liar who lies who can kill people way too easily with her thighs—Kurt got to say his first words to Captain America outside of battle.

Unfortunately, those words were, “You’re shorter in person,” because Kurt is an idiot with no brain-to-mouth filter when running on adrenaline and one hour of sleep over a 36-hour period. (Why couldn’t she have just put off her attack on Sao Paulo for just one more day? Hell, just a couple more hours would have been nice.)

But he really was. For all the super-serum did for plain old Blaine Anderson, it certainly hadn’t helped him in the height department; Kurt had at least two inches on him. Not that the posters had done him justice in the looks department, either—most of them had been reproductions of the promotional posters during World War II, done in that painting style that didn’t manage to capture all of the details his face had to offer.

Blaine’s eyebrows rose for a moment in surprise, but then his jaw hardened. “Charming as always, Mr. Hummel.”

It certainly wasn’t the impression he wanted to make on Captain America but before he could rectify the situation, Blaine was turning away and heading into the aircraft himself.

“Sir, might I suggest—”

“No.” Kurt cut off his AI, forgetting his speakers were still on, and cringed when Blaine turned back to give him a strange look. Kurt smiled and waved, although it probably looked pretty stupid because oh yeah, faceplate is still down. Blaine narrowed his eyes and turned away again. Sighing, Kurt followed.

Kurt wanted to say something else to him on the plane, but figured it was probably a bad idea to be seen swooning over his coworker (because they were coworkers now, right) in front of the enemy.  Blaine, for the most part, ignored Kurt, choosing instead to speaking with Quinn on how long they had before they met back up with the helicraft. Kurt started to wonder if he should have just followed outside the plane.

Then Brittany showed up.

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