I’d Like to Be Your Hero (1/?)

Pairing: Klaine (Brittana and Quick on the peripheral)

Summary: When Kurt reluctantly agreed to join the Avengers Initiative, he wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Blaine Anderson, his idol and possibly first ever crush as a child. But there’s no way Captain America could ever return his feelings. Right? (Also known as: the Avengers with a Glee twist.)

Warning: SUPER SPOILERS FOR THE AVENGERS. Although if you haven’t seen it yet, you probably don’t want to, and probably don’t even want to read this. 

A/N: This got longer than expected, so I’m posting the first part now and will get to the rest of it later. I just wanted to get it in for Klaine AU Friday. Also, title taken from “Mighty Little Man” by Steve Burns.


When Agent Coulson showed up in his penthouse apartment, over-riding and breaching several security codes in the process, Kurt honestly couldn’t say he was surprised. The man was nothing if not persistent, and Kurt had been ignoring his calls all night.

However, what he had to say surprised Kurt very much.

“I need to speak with you about the Avengers Initiative.”

Arching a perfectly shaped eyebrow, Kurt looked up from the tablet Coulson had given him (containing a number of files that were probably classified) and scoffed. “I thought that project was scrapped. And, if I recall correctly, you said I didn’t qualify. What was it again?” He lifted his hand, tapping at his chin. “Oh yes, I remember!” he said with a snap of his fingers. “‘Mr. Hummel shows a lack of empathy and consideration of others while attempting to reach his goals. Self-centered and morally compromised.’”

Agent Coulson shifted his weight, his hands still clasped in front of him. “Certain…things have happened over the past few days. Some of our best men have been compromised. We have been forced to reconsider.”

“You can’t have who you want, so you’re going for your last resort?”

Coulson said nothing, and Kurt clenched his jaw, still seeing the words “Iron Man: acceptable; Kurt Hummel: not recommended.” Then he flicked the images of the Hulk to the side, bringing up the data and images of the current situation: an entire military compound leveled, total injury and fatality rate still unknown.

He breathed out through his nose, flicking through to the culprit: a dark-haired woman with fire in her eyes. He thought of all the parents, children, spouses, friends, who may never get to see each other again, who didn’t even know what happened yet, and even though it pained him, he nodded.

“When do you need me?”

If he didn’t know that Agent Coulson never smiled, he would have sworn the man was doing so as he replied, “We’ll let you know.”

By the time he looked up again, Coulson had disappeared back into the elevator.

Kurt sighed, flicking back through to the other end of the spectrum, past pictures of various men and women he had either seen on the news or encountered personally over the past year or two, to end on a picture of a man he hadn’t heard of in nearly a decade.

The strong jaw and dark, curly hair were incredibly familiar, considering Kurt had stuck posters of him on his walls for the better part of his adolescence and teen years, and had played a large role in many of Kurt’s fantasies at the time—most of them purely innocent, involving daring rescues and narrow escapes, while a few of them…not so innocent. He may or may not have had a huge crush (bordering on obsession) on the hero, but honestly, who wouldn’t?

Kurt shook his head. It wasn’t the time for nostalgia; it was time to wonder why the hell Captain America was on the list of available men and women, considering everyone knew he’d died fighting the Nazis over seventy years ago.

He double-tapped on the photo, bringing up the file on the lost hero. Or, apparently not so lost, seeing as he had been discovered frozen in the ice near Greenland a couple of weeks ago and had woken up not long after.

“Jesus,” Kurt whispered, fingers ghosting over a picture of the man half-entombed in ice, bright blue suit and white star distorted but visible, but face mostly clear, jaw still strong. Kurt traced it absently.

Then he shook himself. Again, this was no time for nostalgia or old crushes; there were lives lost and even more lives at stake.

“JARVIS,” he called out suddenly.

The AI responded swiftly. “Yes, Mr. Hummel?”

“Start a pot of coffee.” He zoomed back out to see all the files spread out over the screen that doubled as his desk. “It’s going to be a long night.”


Part 2

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